Adultos 3,00 €
Adultos con tarjeta balnearia 2,50 €
Adultos discapacitados (con acreditación) 2,00 €
Adultos discapacitados con tarjeta balnearia (con acreditación) 1,50 €
Niños, escolares, estudiantes, soldados y trabajadores civiles (con acreditación), educadores (con acreditación) Entrada gratuita

Grupos grandes (p.ej. Escuelas, autobuses etc…): Debido a razones organizatorias se ruega por una previa reservación.


Dokumentation Obersalzberg
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83471 Berchtesgaden

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Good news: As of today, 50 people are allowed to be in the exhibition and bunker at the same time. Queues will not be completely avoidable even with this, but we hope that the waiting time will be shortened. The current waiting times can be found here:

Please note our current information on admission and waiting times

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An important message for all those planning a trip to the Kehlstein: The Eagle's Nest will be closed due to construction work in 2020! Further information can be found here.