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Press Articles

Record Visitor Numbers at the Obersalzberg Documentation Center

Over 170,000 people visited the Obersalzberg of Documentation Center in 2014. Due to overwhelming interest, the permanent exhibition will now be expanded.
Dokumentation Obersalzberg

According to the Institute of Contemporary History in Munich, 31,000 people visited the exhibition in August alone, a record sum for a single month. As a result of steadily increasing visitor numbers, the building will expanded and the exhibition redesigned. The Bavarian state government has set aside 17 million euros for the project. Construction is set to start in 2016.


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Hitler’s alpine retreat getting makeover

(AP) BERLIN - Adolf Hitler’s mountain retreat in Bavaria is getting a makeover, with a 17-million euro ($22.5 million) renovation project that will enlarge the historical information center now there.

The Bavarian government said Tuesday that building should begin in 2015.

The daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung reports the 1,000 square meter (11,000 square foot) center will be expanded to 2,500 square meters (27,000 square feet) in a project that will take until 2018.

The center includes details on Obersalzberg _ the mountain ridge where Hitler had his Eagle’s Nest retreat and...

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Hotel Criticized for Advertising Nazi-Era Bunker

A hotel in Adolf Hitler's mountain retreat in southern Germany is allowing guests to view a swastika-covered bunker from World War II in its cellar. Critics say the structure has been turned into a neo-Nazi shrine.  

The hotel "Zum Türken" in the southern German town of Obersalzberg is being strongly criticized for allowing visitors to view part of a Nazi-era bunker located beneath its restaurant.

According to research by German public broadcaster ARD, visitors can access the bunker via an advertised passageway at the hotel. ARD research showed that it had...

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The Auschwitz concentration camp was liberated 75 years ago. To commemorate this, we are leaving the lights on today with more than a hundred memorial sites in Germany.


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