A Soviet propaganda flier for the front directed at the German troops trapped in Stalingrad (front and back pages).


Translation: "Living Space in the East" 







"The Christmas Carol of the Common Soldier" Mournful night, gruesome night, But for the private all sleep tight, Stands watch alone, the wind icy and wild, Thinks of his far away curly-haired child, Yet far away, too, is his home - alas! Mournful night, gruesome night, The battle that rages knows no respite. Home is distant and happiness too, A homecoming for me will never come true, My child never more will I see! Mournful night, gruesome night, That's it, comrades! Wake up, that's right! Pack your gear, off home you must be, From war for ever and ever set free! By Christmas you'll be at home! Silent night, happy night! Gaze on your child, its smiles so bright! And there is your wife, hugs, kisses so dear, For now you are home, at last, so near! Then there will be peace on this earth! German soldiers! Do you want to celebrate you next Christmas at home? Then say no to war! 70,000 of your comrades surrendered at Stalingrad in the last week of November. Follow the example of these 70,000! At the end of the war you will return to your loved ones!!  

(Translated by Karen Christenson, 2001)