Occupied Europe

Poster: Bilingual decree from the Wehrmacht leadership (Walther von Brauchitsch) for the inhabitants of occupied Poland (fall of 1939).


To the Population! German troops have moved into your country at the wishes of the Führer and the Supreme Commander of the Wehrmacht. In the areas occupied by German troops, the Commander-in-Chief of the Army has taken over the executive power. Their commands as well as the orders of all German military authorities must be followed. The Wehrmacht does not consider the population to be its enemy. All the provisions of international law will be respected. The economy of the country and public administration services will continue to work or be reestablished. Strikes are forbidden, passive resistance and sabotage of any kind will be considered a hostile act against the German Wehrmacht and will be opposed with the utmost vigor. Every individual has to obey the commands given, which are there to serve the good of the individual as well as the entire community. The Commander-in-Chief of the Army von Brauchitsch