"Racial" Persecution

Locations of terror and extermination 1941-1945

Due to the turn of the tide of the War in 1942/43, the function and character of the concentration camps changed. Before, they were isolation centres with the harshest of conditions; now they became forced labour camps, from which under normal conditions there was no escape. To supply increasing demand of slave labourers for the armaments industry, subsidiary camps were set up near the armament plants since autumn 1942; for administration, they were assigned to a main camp. Because of this the concentration camp system spread like a cancer throughout much of Europe. Despite the high death rate, the goal of the camps was not the death of the prisoners, but the maximum of exploitation of their manpower. Their death was merely a byproduct.

All Kinds Everywhere: "The Camp as a National Socialist Way of Life"
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The National Socialist Camp System in Europe
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Concentration camps and workers' re-educational camps in Bavaria
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Prisoners at Dachau concentration camp after their liberation on April 29th, 1945 More Info >>