Looters in the ruins

At the end of the War, huge amounts of provisions, luxury goods, clothing, bedding etc. were stored in the bunkers on the Obersalzberg, especially in the Platterhof Bunker; some of the furniture from the residential buildings had also been secured here. After the dissolution of the Obersalzberg Administration and the flight of the Obersalzberg SS, the area was freely accessible to anybody for a short period in early May 1945. The inhabitants of Berchtesgaden and the region "looted" the Obersalzberg.

The G.I.s also participated in the lootings. They were less interested in foodstuffs, but rather in souvenirs to remind them of their greatest triumph and impress people at home. They took all sorts of things: Photo albums, books, records, Hitler's globe and honorary citizen certificates as well as smaller furnishing - even the toilet bowls from Hitler's bunker. Very few were probably aware of the prices these goods would bring in devotional object sales half a century later.

The soldiers also found files which were later used as important documents of the prosecution during the Nuremberg Trials.