The Obersalzberg before and after the bombing mission

1.   Post office in the off-limits area
2.   Nurseries
3.   Living quarters for chauffeurs
4.   Large vehicle garage
5.   Gatehouse to the off-limits area
6.   Barracks, service buildings
7.   Barracks, drill hall for Hitler's personal bodyguards
8.   Barracks square, with shooting ranges in cellars below
9.   Barracks living quarters
10. The "Platterhof Hotel" for special guests
11. Living quarters for Platterhof Hotel employees
12. Obersalzberg administration building
13. Building housing architectural planning models
14. Kindergarten house
15. "Berghof"
16. Earlier, Reich Security Service and Gestapo, now "Gasthof zum Türken"