The Obersalzberg today

In the course of the reduction of US troops stationed in Europe after the end of the Cold War, the Americans left Berchtesgaden on August 29th, 1995; on May 2nd, 1996 the US Army Headquarters in Munich handed over the area to the Free State of Bavaria. Since this time, Bavaria is not only the owner, but also has full domain of almost all of Obersalzberg.

Soon afterwards the Bavarian State Government in coordination with the district and the market town of Berchtesgaden passed the two pillar concept for the future use of the area. As the first pillar, the Obersalzberg Documentation was inaugurated on October 20th, 1999 with a budget of approximately 4 million DM. The second column of the concept is the civilian use of the area previously utilised by the Americans on the Obersalzberg. After three years of construction on March 1st, 2005, the 50 million Euro InterContinental Berchtesgaden Resort Hotel on the Eckerbichl was inaugurated with a worldwide echo in the media hitherto probably unknown for an hotel opening. Previously the bus stop of the Eagle's Nest busses and the parking lots on the Hintereck had been moved to the location of the Platterhof demolished in 2001 (Hotel General Walker).