Guesthouse- and Platterhof Bunker

1   Bunker plan
2   planned m.g. stand
3   planned airlock
4   Fuel tanks
5   Maschine hall
6   Electric converter
7   Kitchen and food storage  
8   File storage of the Party
9   Office of the Party
10 WC
11 Audio presentation (present)
12 Filmroom (present)
13 Ventilation centre  
14 planned airlock
15 m.g. stand
16 Collective air raid shelters / 
    sick bay
17 WC
18 Showroom for special 
    exhibitions (present)

Translation of the text in the map:

Top:  duct to the SS and Berghof Bunkers
Left:  Guesthouse "Hoher Goell" - now the Obersalzberg Documentation
Centre:  Platterhof- and Guesthouse-Bunker
Bottom left:  emergency exit, gatehouse