Ground Floor

1 Prologue (A)
2 Model of the Obersalzberg
3 Stairs going up to the Gallery
4 Entrance to the Seminar rooms
5 Stairs coming down from the Gallery
6 The "Fuehrer" (C1)
7 Volksempfaenger (Peoples Receiver)
8 Actors of the Regime (C2)
9 PC Biographical Archive
10 National Community (Volksgemeinschaft; C3)
11 Machinery of terror (C4)
12 Audio presentation: The trial against the conspirators of the 20th of July 1944
13 Racial policy, Persecution of the Jews, Genocide (C5)
14 Audio presentation: Hitlers speech of the 30th of January 1939 and Himmlers Poznan speech of the 4th of October 1943
15 PC The National Socialist Camp System in Europe
16 PC Database on the National Socialist Camp System
17 Auschwitz photoalbums
18 Stairway to the following sections of the exhibition