Regaining the Saar region

The first territorial gain made by Hitler was the Saar region in 1935. The Treaty of Versailles had placed the Saar under the administration of the League of Nations and it was intended that a plebiscite be held after 15 years. This was to decide whether the Saar area would be returned to Germany, remain autonomous or be handed over to France. On 13 January 1935 90.08% of the Saarlanders decided to join National Socialist Germany. The national idea outweighed all other emotions, values and interests. The poor economic situation of the Saarland and the clear economic improvement in Germany contributed to this result. 5,000 opponents of the National Socialists had to flee from the Saar region. Hitler received the official results at a staged radio event at the Berchtesgaden post office and subsequently spoke to the German population.