Franz Stangassinger: photo album

The Stangassinger family were forced to sell the farm they owned at Obersalzberg. You can hear Herr Stangassinger‘s mother, Johanna Stangassinger, speaking as a contemporary witness on the DVD “Obersalzberg. Vom Bergbauernhof zum Führersperrgebiet. Zeitzeugen berichten” (From the Alpine Village to the Führer's Off-limits Area – Eyewitness Reports – German version with English subtitles). Herr Stangassinger has made photos from the family album available to the documentation center.

Dominik Baumüller: school exercise book

Herr Baumüller’s mother, Eleonore Seitz, was the daughter of Dr. Richard Seitz, the owner of the children’s sanatorium at Obersalzberg. From 1931 to 1936, the Seitz children were taught by a private tutor, Irene von Ploennies, whose mother was Jewish. Together with this teacher, Eleonore followed the construction of the Göring House and documented it in her school exercise book.

Georg Renoth: child’s gas bed

Herr Renoth from Berchtesgaden found the child’s gas bed in his attic, together with another three such beds that were still in their original packaging. The beds were intended for Herr Renoth’s father and his three siblings in the event of a poison gas attack.

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Obersalzberg above Berchtesgaden was Hitler's residence and a power center of the "Third Reich". In our YouTube video, wich is well worth seeing, we look for traces of six buildings and tell how the mountain has changed several times within two decades.

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