Audio guide

An audio guide in German and English is available to assist those visiting the exhibition individually.

Hire: € 2,00 / set

Mobile audio guides for the exhibition

Download the audio guides of the exhibition on your smartphone. For Android and Windows based devices, we recommend downloading the MP3 files. For iPhone users we recommend subscribing to the audio guide podcasts.

Important: If you decide to choose the podcast version, please follow the instructions linked there, so that the files are also available offline on your iPhone!

Please note, that there is no Wi-Fi available in the Dokumentation Obersalzberg. Therefore, please load the audio guide on your device before your visit.

  • For Android and Windows Phone: MP3 file download

    Download the audio guide (MP3 files) directly to your smartphone. All files are comfortably summarized to a ZIP file. You can unzip them on your smartphone (1) and then listen to them with the music player of your device (2). Therefore just open your music player after you have unzipped the files and navigate to the artist "Obersalzberg". There you will find the album "Audioguides EN", in which you will find sorted every single guide.

    Download the MP3 files as ZIP file:

    You can also use the following QR code:

    (1) Extract the ZIP file

    If you cannot extract the ZIP file after downloading it, you can use the "AndroZip" file manager app from the Google play Store:

    QR code for the "AndroZip" file manager:

    (2) Music player

    If your music player does not import or play the MP3 files, you can use the "doubleTwist Player" app from the Google play Store:

    QR code for the music player:

  • For iPhone/iPad: Audio guide podcast

    Important note: Please follow the instructions so that the audio guide is also available offline!

    Open the following address with the browser of your iPhone (Safari) and follow the instructions linked there. You can also open the link with your computer, so you can read the instructions there.

    You can also use the following QR code to open the URL in your mobile browser:

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