Publications of the Institute of Contemporary History on the Obersalzberg Documentation

An integral part of the Documentation as well as one of the reasons for its success are the Publications of the Institute of Contemporary History on the Obersalzberg Documentation.The well-illustrated book “Die tödliche Utopie” (Deadly Utopia) has proved to be a best-seller with approximately 66, 000 copies having been sold to date; it is a new kind of compendium on the Third Reich which allows the historically interested layperson to acquire a solid knowledge of this epoch of German history and is now being used in many schools as supplementary teaching material for instruction in contemporary history. A completely reworked and extended fifth edition appeared in May 2008. 

The companion volumes "Pictures, Texts, Documents, Timetables about the Third Reich" are supplemented by a CD "Täter – Gegner – Opfer“ (Perpetrators - Enemies - Victims) with audio documents of the Third Reich, which was released in an extended edition in November 2008.

A “Didaktisches Handbuch” (Didactical Manual) and a related CD with work material (worksheets, pictures and texts as primary source material) have been developed over the years to augment the pedagogical potential of the “Dokumentation”and make the visits of school classes and comparable groups of visitors to the exhibition more professional; both publications have been available since the beginning of 2005.

Two documentary films round off the publications of the Documentation: “Vom Bergbauerndorf zum Fuehrersperrgebiet — Zeitzeugen berichten” (From the mountain village to the Fuehrer's off-limits area  — eyewitnesses to history report. On DVD: German version with english subtitles), which is shown in the video room of the "Dokumentation”, and the DVD "Violence - Destruction - Death - Scenes from the Second World War" also shown in the film room in the Bunker.

All these publications together make up the “Paedagogischer Koffer” (Pedagogical Case) of the Dokumentation Obersalzberg, which is sold at a reduced total price to schools and other education institutions.

At present, the "Publications of the Institute of Contemporary History on the Obersalzberg Documentation" are only available in German. They are available at the Obersalzberg Documentation, at the Institute of Contemporary History, the Obersalzberg-Shop as well as via booksellers.

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